What is a menstrual cup?

Period cup or menstrual cup is a small cup made of silicone that serves as an alternative to period tampons or disposable pads. You might be surprised that the first attempts to create a similar system dates back to the late 1930s. However, we are proud to say that materials have developed greatly since and that is how we bring you a premium, long-lasting and convenient cup.

 The material firmness of Cherriful period cup has this perfect balance to keep you clean, while being smooth and comfortable.

Why should I use a period cup?

1. Period cups help the environment

Yes, that is right. Each of us, menstruating people, uses up to 200kg of disposable, single-use sanitary pads and tampons in our lifetime. Up to 90% of that mass is non-biodegradable plastics. When using a period cup, you might need as little as one item in five years. Crazy, right?

2. Feel clean with menstrual cup

We have stopped counting all the towels, bedsheets and undies lost in the battle during our pre-menstrual cup lives. But seriously, this inconvenience will largely stay behind, once you get used to the cup.

3. Keep active, kick ass, be you

"Sorry, I can't." is simply out of fashion in the 21st century. Stay comfy and dont let period distract you. Unlike sanitary pads, menstrual cup gives you the freedom to do yoga, hike, swim, stay sitting or laying around. Unlike tampons, you can keep the cup for hours doing these."

4. Save money

Different studies and estimates calculated that we spend between £4000 and £6500 on menstrual products within our lifetime. How many times can you go for holidays for that? With period cups, this number goes up to 10 times lower. (We like to use those savings for chocolate, psst!)

5. No leaks for up to 8 hours

Depending on how heavy your flow is, you probably start thinking about leaks between 2 to 4 hours after changing your tampon or sanitary pads. Cherriful menstrual cup can set you for up to 8 hour worry-free ride. Save that time to think of something or someone nice instead.

How does period cup work?

Unlike tampons and pads, your period cup does not absorb the flow, but collects it to be later emptied.

When you insert your menstrual cup, it slowly unfolds and the rim creates a seal along the vaginal wall. That means no fluids are getting out at all. Cherriful cups hold between 20ml and 25ml of fluids, which is enough for several hours.

What is menstrual cup made of?

Our Cherriful period cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone. The shape is carefully thought through, tried and tested. 

For easier removal, the rim has four small holes that allow you to remove suction from underneath the cup. Once released, the cup is fairly easily taken out. Both a ball-shaped toggle and three small ridges on the outer side make it easier to grip the cup. Each one comes with a detailed, illustrated guide that explains the ins and outs step-by-step.