Why should I start using reusable cloth period pads?

Drawing of Cherriful Reusable Menstrual Pads

Get rid of rashes, itches or burning feel during period

Yes, wearing single-use plastic pads causes skin irritation more often than not. And that's a pain in the ... umm... labia!?!

The top bamboo terry layer of our reusable pads is soft and allows your skin breathe. Time to forget skin irritation and endless itches.

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Reusable Menstrual Pads help prevent rashes
UK Beaches are full of disposable menstrual products

Cloth bamboo period pads help you reduce waste

A single pad or tampon takes somewhere between 300 and 800 years to decompose. Even the ones that claim are biodegradable will often fall apart into microparticles and become invisible, but still remain present in nature.

In fact, period products are in the top 5 most common types of rubbish found on beaches in the UK. Yuck!

With Cherriful pads you save money, too

While we menstruate, we spend a stagerring sum of up to £5000! That's right, or better said - it's not alright!

Take good care of your textile pads and they will last up to 5 years. You'll be good to go for the small price of two large takeaway pizzas. (And then go get yourself some!)

Affordable Reusable Cloth Period Pads
reusable pads don't contain any chemicals

No added chemicals
Traditional disposable pads contain volatile organic compounds and phtalates. Continued long-term exposure can lead to your genitals absorbing these harmful substances. Thankfully, our pads contain none of those!

reusable-pads-don't contain any perfume

Unscented pads
It's a delicate environment down there, and any scent can upset that balance! Perfumes mean more chemicals and changes to your vagina's natural pH. We said no to that!


Traps all odours
The fabric in our pads breathe, allowing moisture to evaporate. Less moisture means fewer bacteria and therefore fewer smells. That's the simple science behind our cloth pads!

Are you sure these reusable sanitary napkins don't leak?

Yes! In fact, our customers often say that reusable pads absorb much more and leak less than the plastic disposable ones.

How so? It's because the four layers work together: The top layer channels fluids away from your skin, two fluffy bamboo layers absorb and keep them locked in and the waterproof bottom (thats the one with the cute print) protects your clothes.

Affordable Reusable Cloth Period Pads
Affordable Reusable Cloth Period Pads

How do I wash cloth menstrual pads?

Washing cotton or bamboo pads is farily simple.

  1. 1. Rinse or soak in cold water.
  2. 2. Pop them in the washing machine with any other batch of clothes you have.
  3. 3. Let them dry hanging or laid flat and avoid tumble dry.

That's it! The sooner you manage to rinse them, the better, but if you only have time later in the day, that's fine too.