Why switch to reusable sanitary pads?

So you don’t want to cause additional problems to the environment by using pads and tampons, but don’t feel ready to switch to the menstrual cup? Or you start using the cup and a bit scared of the possible leakages? Or just want to have a choice between different menstrual products? Fine! Then let’s talk about reusable menstrual pads as they might solve your problems.

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Kinder to the environment

Yes, reusable pads (or cloth pads) are just what you imagine, when you hear it. They are sanitary pads that you can use more than once. Exactly said if properly taken care of, reusable pads can last up to 5 years!

When compared to disposable pads, the environmental side is not the only advantage. Cloth pads are actually better and safer for your body. It is made without synthetic materials and doesn’t contain potentially harmful chemicals. So they are much more kinder to your skin. Also, this makes the pad more breathable, which means no smell. Yay!

How do reusable pads work?

Okay, so from the healthy side, cloth pads are better than disposable ones, but what about comfort? Women who tried the reusable pads agree that they are extremely comfortable, softer and feel fresh longer. Also, a lot of women mention that they can’t feel the pad, even if they have sensitive skin.

Now let’s see how they actually work and what makes them so good. Our pads contain 4 layers. The first one, which is the closest to your skin is the charcoal-bamboo fleece. It is unbelievably soft to make sure that even the most sensitive skin won’t be irritated. The next 2 layers are bamboo lining, which actually absorbs all the blood. Thanks to it our liners can absorb 10ml of blood, which is the same as a medium tampon. And the last waterproof layer won’t let any blood spoil your day. Simple, right?

How many reusable menstrual pads do you need?

Next, logically, you are curious, how many pads you will actually need. If you want to use only the cloth pads during your periods, then you would need to change it every 4-6 hours, depending on your flow. The reusable pads are more absorbent than disposable ones, but still, it must not feel wet at any time. We would recommend having 6-12 reusable sanitary pads. After you start using the pads you will understand how often you need to change them. Clearly, you will need much fewer pads if you want to use it as a precaution when using the menstrual cup or you want to use only in the beginning or at the end of your period. In this case, 2-3 pads will be enough for you.

As I already mentioned you can use menstrual pads in various situations. But here is the full list of the situations, when women actually use the reusable pads:

  • Instead of all other menstrual products.
  • When scared of the leakage while using the menstrual cup or tampon.
  • When menstruation hasn’t started yet, but you expect it to come.
  • At the end of the period instead of the menstrual cup, when the flow is the lightest
  • After giving birth as postpartum wear.
  • In case of light incontinence.

Cloth pads are safe to use for anyone, from teenagers to mums with children. So if you want to try it, just do!

How to clean reusable menstrual liners

Okay, so now you know why and when to wear the pad, but what comes after you wear it? Clearly you need to wash your pad after the usage. You can do it in the washing machine or by hand. It might seem weird in the beginning but there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Using a washing machine is the easiest way to clean your pad. We recommend using cold or warm water to avoid the stains, as it is easier to clean bloodstains in the cold. But if the stains are not a problem for you, feel free to use hot water as well. You can wash the pads with your other clothes. If you don’t want to wash it right away, just soak it in the cold water or clean it by hand a bit and then wash it when you have time. In this case, there are bigger chances that the stains won’t stain so badly. To dry the pads you can either air dry or put them into the drying machine on the low setting.

So now you see, that reusable pads are very simple and there is no need to hesitate! But if you still do, just send us your questions and we will be glad to consult you based on your needs.

Why switch to reusable pads

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