Should you be worried? Three most common health problems during period

Three common period health problems

Since you are here, my guess is you are searching how to escape some kind of health issue that you struggle with during period. No worries, you are not alone! Please remember, this is not a medical advice and if something does not feel right. get in touch with your doctor or pharmacist.

Menstrual Cramps

The most common problem that women encounter is period cramps - hardly a surprise, isn't it? Cramps come not only as pain in your stomach, but also might hit your lower back or thighs. Cramping can be a sharp spasmodic pain, as well as dull and constant feeling. All of those are normal. Well, likely.

Also, dont be surprised if sometimes all is well and painless and next time you barely get out of bed. However, if the pain is too much to handle or if you period becomes very painful rather suddenly, it’s always better to talk to your GP about it. Even though it is fairly rare, these strong cramps might be caused by an underlying health condition. 

If you are sure the pain is "just" the common cramping, try some of these tips below:

  • Relax your muscles with warmth. It can be a bottle of warm water, heat pad or warm bath. Any of these can reduce your cramps. The bottle is our  secret to go when heading to the office.
  • Massage your tummy. Yet another way to relax your muscles. The massage doesn’t have to be professional, sometimes it’s even enough to put your or your partner’s hands on your stomach. 
  • Stretching and soft exercise. One more thing for which your belly will be grateful. Try doing easy pilates or yoga moves. Don’t overdo it, be gentle and listen to your body. 

Hormone migraine

The second most common friend-not during menstruation is a headache. No, it’s not just you who feels like their head will blow off any minute. Changing levels of hormones in our organism are at fault here. Such hormone headaches are also common during pregnancy, menopause or as the result of using hormonal contraceptives. So there is no quick escape from this, your hormones will work and your body will react. However, there are (as always) some tricks that might help your body to overcome constant changes. 

  • Eat small snacks during the day. This will help keeping the sugar level in check, decreasing the chance of getting a headache. Sugar doesn’t mean eating chocolate and ice-cream all day long though. Turn to long-lasting carbs. But some dark chocolate probably wont hurt!
  • Sleep at least 8 hours. I can’t stress this enough. Sleep will reduce your stress levels, which will reduce headaches. The quality of sleep matters too! Turn off all the sources of light, switch screens off at least an hour before bedtime and open your window to have enough fresh air in the room.
  • Use ice to reduce the pain. Try using ice therapy for your migraines. That means holding the ice on your forehead for 10 minutes and then giving yourself a 10 minutes break. |ou can repeat a coupe of times if needed. Don’t mix it up though: cold for head, warmth for tummy ;)

Be more alert however, if a mere headache turns into full blown migraine including nausea, light sensitivity or even vomiting. Time to search professional help yet again.

Burning sensations

The third and last issue I want to open here are any burning sensations in vagina, vulva or groin during period. In general, it is safe to say that burning sensations anywhere in the area is not normal. While headaches and cramps are the more or less common and often harmless reactions of the body, burning in your private parts is not a good signal. The recommendation here is to be very alert and contact your doctor if things are developing asap. 

Often the cause of burning sensations is a mere skin irritation. You might try to change your menstrual hygiene as the first step. Disposable tampons and pads are commonly a reason for both skin and vaginal irritations. They contain different types of chemicals to keep the liquids in. Try switching to reusable pads instead and watch if things get better.

Have you already decided for a visit to your doctor, but need to wait? These might ease the wait:

  • Apply cold compress to the burning area. It will reduce the sensation. 
  • Wear cotton underwear and forget about tight clothes. 
  • Don’t use scented soaps, creams or lotions, as they might further irritate your skin.

Please always remember to call the doctor if you feel something is not alright. Only a professional can give you recommendations with respect to your actual health situation.


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