All Cherriful packaging is recyclable & fits your letterbox

Picture of Menstrual Cup Eco Friendly and Fast Packaging


We are thrilled to announce all orders placed through our online shop (cherriful.co.uk) will use our new and improved packaging. The boxes we use to deliver your new Cherriful menstrual cups and reusable pads are now entirely eco-friendly. We are using only 100% recycled paper and cardboard in our packaging. Furthermore, the packaging itself is recyclable. So our packaging material is recycled and recyclable (try to repeat it 5 times in a row).

Another new feature you’ll love is majority of our new packages are small enough to fit through the letterbox! And no, we don’t put less stuff inside, we swear! We’ve successfully designed a smaller box, so your Cherriful order will patiently wait for you at home. This way, we cut our emissions even further by reducing journeys the package travels through the post!

To sum it up, our packaging is eco and nice, delivery is fast, easy and free and you are amazing for switching to reusable menstrual products!

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