How to get away with murder or a period blood stain

Blood stains are not fun. As though periods weren’t pain in the ass without them. We can assume plenty of you reading this had to deal with blood stains at least once in a lifetime. When you switch to reusable pads, you might think washing them would be an obstacle. Check the tips below, it is actually way simpler than you might expect.


Note: Every advice offered in this article has been proven to work with our reusable pads&liners

How to get rid of fresh blood stains?

Step 1. Always start with cold water.

This actually applies to both new and old stains. Cold water washes it away, while warm water is likely to keep the blood stuck to the fabric. So try to keep your pad or any other piece of clothes under the stream of water that is below your sin temperature until the stain is mostly gone. 

Step 2. Rub the stain with soap or detergent.

Using cold water, apply some soap. You can use a sponge to softly rub it or just use your bare hand. Whatever is easier. Rub the stain until the water is clear. If the water is clear, but stain is still visible, proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Rub in detergent and wash the clothes.

In this phase, you can start using warm water. 

Tip 1: Don’t dry your pads until the stain is gone. It will be much more difficult to get rid of it later.

Tip 2: If you have to deal with a stain while away from home (for example on a t-shirt or any bottoms), try using salt and cold water. Just rub the salt into the stain and run it under some cold water. Wash as soon as possible.

How to get rid of dry blood stains?

Step 1. Start with cold water.

You know the drill - use water that is below your skin temperature only. For older stains though, it is better to soak the pad for some time. During this step, you can already add detergent to the water. Leave it soaking for at least an hour.

Step 2. Apply pre-treat and wash the clothes.

Leave pre-treat for some time and then launder your pads in the washing machine. 

Pro Tip: Try using baking soda or lemon juice on the old stain. Pour lemon juice on the stain and let it rest. Or make a paste out of water and soda bicarbona and leave it on the stain. Afterwards simply wash your pads as usual. Just watch out - lemon juice is a natural discolourant and may leave stains on darker or coloured fabrics.


How to clean your pads?

Our personal tips on how to make cleaning your pads even easier.

Tip 1. The sooner you treat the stain, the better. Dry blood is much more difficult to get rid of, so go ahead and soak your pads as soon as you can.

Tip 2. Always wash your pads at maximum 40 degrees. If you use warmer water, it can cause stains to set. Remember the body temperature rule? Applies here as well.

Tip 3. Use a washing bag to laundry your pads in the washing machine. It won’t make them cleaner, but they will last longer!

Tip 4. After every use, put the pad into a container with cold water and let it soak there. Add used pads there throughout your period and once it is full, wash them all together. The longer the pads soak, the easier it will be to get rid of the stains.

Tip 5. With old stains, try using baking soda on them, as we wrote above. Another way would be to use a bit of white vinegar. Use them separately and do not mix both soda and vinegar together! Rinse your pad thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.

And that’s it! It is really not that difficult to treat your pads right. Also, even though some stains stay forever, it doesn’t mean your pad is dirty. As long as you wash it regularly after usage, they are safe to use. Blood is a natural dye, just as raspberries are.

PS: All our tips apply perfectly to our reusable pads&liners:


Do you have any personal tips for washing your pads, undies or clothes? Share with us!

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