Five quick tips for self-love and managing stress

The Stress Awareness Month has been held in April since the early 90's. 

If you follow Cherriful Facebook or Instagram closely, you might have noticed I was sharing my everyday tips for well-being throughout the last 2 months. Here we gathered them all to keep them safe and sound and available for anyone. 

Self care first aid

First aid

Sleep, relax, hydrate, eat good nutrients, go out to breath some air often, spend time with people you love (if you can without breaking rules obviously), have sex (no breaking rules here either). To sum it up, fulfil the basic needs we have as humans. Remember Maslow's pyramid? Most of these fall within the bottom of it. Solid basis matters, without it you can’t reach the higher levels of self-fulfilment.

self care full attention

Full attention

Try to be mindfully present in everything you do. This one is a lot about self-control as our minds are so used to drifting away. The concept of mindfulness has numerous techniques to help you get into this state of mental presence. While working with breathing techniques and meditation you learn to be intentional with your thoughts. This can be an immense help if you want to keep focused on work, being with your family or even fall asleep a bit faster. But all of these will help only if your basic needs are already fulfiled!

self care observe


We only have one life, so learning how to deal with our emotions and feelings gifts us with more moments to cherish. Next time you are not feeling well or are stressed, try observing and noting down how exactly you feel. Also try to imagine, what do you need to feel better right now.

It is not always available, but the pure fact that you understand yourself better will help you prevent and cope the next time. Try to understand what triggered your emotions - Was it your partner saying something in particular? Was it a show you watched and the actions of a character there? Anything else?

My personal routine is to actually do this for bad moments as well as the good ones - simply keeping a journal of emotions and observations. This helps me immensely to understand how my body and mind work, what is the influence of sport, food, stress and the day of the month on how I feel.

Ever so importantly though, do not judge yourself. This part is not easy in the beginning but focus on facts rather than judgements.

self care name the beast

Name the beast

Sometimes it's very hard to accept your feelings and it's even harder to share them with your loved ones. But it's worth it. Not only you'll feel better, but also your loved ones will understand you better and will be able to help. And loved ones doesn't necessarily mean the partner, it can be your close friend, close colleague or a parent. Sharing is caring not only when it's about food 😉 and a problem shared is a problem halved. Fact!

self care let go

Let go

Yes, I know it's easier said than done. BUT if there's nothing you could do about a situation, then why bother? Breathe in, count to five, breathe out, count to five. Save the energy and focus on more important stuff.

  One of the best ways to let go is to engage in self-care. Try home spa, ask for a massage, sleep if you need to (hey, tip 1!), go outside to breathe some fresh air, change your location even if that means just moving from one room to another. Letting go is a life-long learning process and the sooner you start the bigger the miracle.

I know some of these may seem obvious, but sometimes we tend to forget even the easiest things!

Love & blood, B.

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