DITCH IT: The beginnings of a plastic free journey.

Hilly is a friend of mine, another sea addict and the owner of Switch and Ditch. Switch and Ditch is a plastic free online shop she opened back in November 2019. We met a few months back and instantly clicked. I love Hilly's practical approach to reducing our environmental impact.

That's why I asked Hilly to write down some observations she has made on her way to living zero waste.

Love & bloody periods, Barbora

Less household plastic, more freedom

As a result of spending months trying to get rid of the single use plastic which was cluttering up my bathroom I decided to go one step further and open a shop to help encourage others to do the same.  The whole idea is to SWITCH to plastic free alternatives and DITCH the products that I didn’t really need.  

  • DITCH the dreaded face wipes.  In fact I went one step further and ditched all wipes completely. Those pesky plastic filled wipes are a momentary convenience which cause a lifetime of issues.  Have you seen pictures of fatbergs? Ewwww! Well wipes are the first thing you hear about when you start researching. I actually feel guilty about how many I’ve used in my lifetime, especially now that I know a lot of them will outlive me. I now use reusable organic cotton wipes which are easy to wash and will last me years.  I will never buy another wipe again.
  • DITCH period products. Now, obviously I haven’t ditched them completely, but I got over my fears and invested in a period cup and some reusable pads. GAME CHANGER. I’ll admit it took a couple of months to get used to it, but I haven’t bought a single disposable period product in two years.  That’s stopped so much plastic waste and it’s also saved me money – woop woop!!!  I was pleased when I discovered Cherriful and I’m now a very proud stockist too.
  • DITCH the razor. Ditch the disposable ones and switch to a reusable safety razor.  I love the rose gold safey razor I use (if only it was real gold!) and get a better shave than I ever did with the disposables.  It’s also going to save me money in the long run (hmmm maybe I can buy gold after all!!)

My plastic free journey continues and I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce my plastic usage.  Unfortunately, it seems to be in a lot of things we use daily, but with some simple changes we really can make a difference.

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