An honest review of Cherriful cup by Katrina

Recently we collaborated with the amazing Katrina #realgirlswobble. During her period she gave Cherriful cup a try and wrote a blog about her experiences. It is crucial for us to see actual concerns and reactions from those of you who chose Cherriful. We defined 3 key takeaways Katrina had and put them here together.

When I first used it, I was really paranoid about leaks

Long story short, there were no leaks. But it is always scary to trust the cup from the very first seconds, we know. Moreover, you might need some time to learn how to insert the cup correctly, as in a bad case, it actually can leak. So we could recommend you to try our reusable liners, that will catch all the blood if necessary and you can be confident no matter what. 

Also, as Katrina noticed in her blog, you can trust your cup when you sleep as well. Even if you are an active sleeper and move a lot, the cup will repeat all your moves and won’t spill a drop of your blood.

Taking out the cup was a tad stressful the first time

You need to relax for it to go smoothly, which is difficult when you need to take out something from your vagina. The key is to pull the cup by stem a bit and then squeeze the cup with 2 fingers at its bottom and take it out. The first several times can be tricky, so from her experience, Katrina advises to do it in the bathtub. 

If you need to change your cup in the public bathroom, make sure you have wet wipe with you to clean your hands or the toilet seat. With time you will learn how to do the operation without the blood drops, we promise.  

They are healthier

Even though there is no scientific evidence of menstrual cups being better for your body than tampons, Katrina noticed a positive difference when trying the Cherriful cup. Her followers also mentioned that they have much lighter cramps with period cups. The answer could be that menstrual cups don't contain any chemicals that would get in contact with your skin. 

As a result, Katrina says she loved it and is only annoyed she didn’t try our cup earlier. She feels the cup is a more convenient, healthier and more sustainable choice for you


Cherriful cup review

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