8 Ways to make your period more enjoyable

Pssst... What if I tell you there are safe and legitimate ways to make periods less painful? Interested?

Here's our list of "period hacks" to help make those red days a little more bearable:


1. Eat dark chocolate

And it’s not just about how good it is, especially during periods. Before menstruation, the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones decrease, which causes the decrease of serotonin, or as it is called “good mood” hormone. This is the main reason for bad mood and tiredness before and during periods. Dark chocolate on the other hand contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals that helps to increase the level of the serotonin. And why the dark chocolate and not the milk one? Simply because it has no milk and less sugar. This couple can on the opposite worsen your state.

2. Sleep

Lack of sleep will make you feel even worse than usual. It’s okay, if during periods you need to sleep more, your organism is pretty tired from all the blood. Don’t push yourself out of the bed too quickly during these days. And if you need to wake up early, make sure that you go to bed early then. Believe me, it’s worth it. 

3. Avoid coffee

I know it’s difficult to accept that, especially when you can’t start functioning without a cup of this magical drink in the morning. But coffee makes flow of the water, and therefore blood, in the organism slower. And the cramps become more often and pain stronger. Rather switch to tea at least for the first most difficult days. 

4. Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is not only about nice smells, but it’s actual way, how we can trick organism to relax and unwind. Different smells give our brain different indications. For example, the smell of jasmine can decrease pain and stop cramps, while basil imitates estrogen and helps your organism manage its levels. And orange aroma will boost your mood for the whole day!

5. Do yoga and meditation

Yes, I know, that it’s extremely difficult to get out of the bed and force yourself to be active. But I promise, it helps! Just don’t go for super active and fast exercises, better stick to yoga. It will help you relax, both physically and mentally. Especially if you add meditation to it. It can reduce your stress level and it’s proven that stress can prolong your periods for up to 3 days. I guess you wouldn’t want to risk it, right? Also, it's perfectly fine to do yoga while using a menstrual cup.

6. Get a massage

Massage is again just another way to relax. And you don’t need to go to the specialist. Just try to massage your thumbs from the base to the tip. It should help you with cramps. Also, foot or neck massage can improve your well-being. And all that you can do on your own! But if you want to go to a professional, tell them about your periods in advance. Some massage techniques are not recommended during menstruation.

7. Take a bath

Even 10 minutes in warm water will make you feel much better. The warm water will relax your muscles and the pain will step back. And the Cherriful Menstrual cup will help you feel safe in the water!  

8. Orgasm!

Yes, you’ve read that right! Orgasm will make your uterus work, which leads to quicker blood flow and decreases the pain. It’s great from all sides! Of course, it’s not something that you have to do if you are not comfortable with it, but if you want to, now you have one more reason!

    I hope that these 8 easy ways will help you to survive your bloody days. Just try one at a time and I guarantee you that you’ll notice a difference. 


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