6 Great menstrual cup folds

Menstrual cups 6 folding styles

So you've finally bought a period cup (hopefully, Cherriful one). You are excited, you feel like you’re saving the world and soon you’ll be as confident on your period as those girls in a tampon commercial. And that’s all true! But, there is one question that arises. How the hell can you insert this cup inside your vagina? And that’s why we put this article together for you, so there are no barriers between you and a happy future.

The key to insertion is the cup folding technique. You need to make your cup smaller and less agile so to say. There are several techniques that you can use, and we recommend that you try them all. This way you’ll find the one that suits you the most. Some of them will take a bit more time and there is high possibility that your cup will be flying around. 

Menstrual Cup C-fold or U-Fold technique

1. “C” or “U” fold 

This one is the most common one. It is easy to master even if it’s the first time you hold a period cup in your hands. 

  • Take the cup with your both hands
  • Push the sides together, so the cup is flat
  • Fold the cup in half, so its edges create a “C” or “U” shape.

Although this fold is one of the easiest ones, the insertion point is pretty wide and so it can be uncomfortable for younger women.

Menstrual Cup Punch Fold Technique

2. “Punchdown” fold

This fold is good for young women, as the insertion point is very small. It is also easy to make, so it's a good option for when you are in a hurry. 

  • Hold the cup with one hand
  • With your other hand, push the cup rim down inside of the base
  • With the first hand, push the sides of the cup together

The cup folded this way is easy to insert, but sometimes it doesn’t unfold inside so easily. 

Menstrual Cup 7 Fold Technique

3. 7 fold

This fold has the best sides of 2 previous ones: it has a small insertion point and is easily unfolded inside. 

  • Hold the cup with 2 hands
  • Push the sides together, so the cup is flat
  • Take one of the corners of the cup and fold it down to the base. The edges should look a bit like number 7.

Menstrual cup origami fold style

4. Origami fold

This fold can seem a bit tricky, but with a bit of training you will be able to master it. The benefit of this fold is that it has a very small insertion point and is unfolded easily when inserted. 

  • Hold the cup with one hand
  • With your thumb push one of the rims inside towards the base (similarly as in punchdown, but not so much down).
  • Now fold the cup in half, so the cup looks like a wrap.

Menstrual Cup S Fold

5. S fold

This fold is a little tricky to hold with one hand, and it’s not as small as others. Anyway, some women love it genuinely, so we just have to share it with you. 

  • Flatten the cup as for the C-fold
  • Now just to try to do S-shape, push one corner away from you and simultaneously pull the other one towards you and just fold it into S.

Menstrual Cup E Fold

6. E fold

Yes, a lot of folds are just called by the letter they kind of remind you of. So the last one is very similar to S-fold, as it is also a bit tricky and the insertion point isn’t very small.

  • So hold the cup with one hand
  • With the other hand pinch the opposite side of the cup.
  • Push this pinched corner to the other side, so it is wrapped by it.
  • Now just get a grip and squeeze it, so it looks like an E letter.

We recommend you to try all of those folds, so you can make a weighted decision about which one to use. Try them out when you are not in a hurry as stress is your worst enemy when we talk about period cups. Let us know which of these folds is your favourite!

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